Kevin Goodwin - A Host of Impossibilities!


Magic, Mind Reading & MC For Stage & Close up Magic

What makes us think? How do our minds work? Why do we sometimes get ‘telepathic’ feelings? Are people really easy to read? Is anyone really that bothered? Why don’t people like me?

These are the thoughts and questions that have always captivated The Impossible Mr Goodwin, kept him up all night and who’s been on a lifelong quest to answer…

Internationally unknown magician and mind reader, The Impossible Mr Goodwin, creates the magic, the mystery, the impossible, the minor miracles all help to keep the act engaging, enlightening and not too dull.

He will use his magical skills of influence, misdirection and really bad humour to fool you… into believing you’re having a good time.

His magical interests lay in the psychological and mind-reading side of the art but he also likes to mix more traditional forms of magic to get more bookings.

He enjoys full involvement and participation from spectators and encourages everyone to fully engage, have fun and completely go along with whatever nonsense he is talking about.


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